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Dutch Treat Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online

This seed is a Feminized Sativa Strain.

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Dutch Treat Marijuana Seeds

Dutch Treat Marijuana Seeds is a strain described as mainly indica, that produces a dense sticky bud. Likewise it is covered with gold trichomes throughout. With a scent of sweet pine and citrus, Dutch Treat can taste of eucalyptus. The cerebral high comes on quick with a THC level up to 18%. Flowering time is usually around 7-8 weeks. Dutch Treat Marijuana provides users a feeling of lively energy, which allows the user to always be busy without being jittery. Medically, Dutch Treat is a premium strain that allows the patient to help relieve stress, pain and depression. It is best to help with anxiety, migraines, gastrointestinal disorder, multiple Sclerosis, and arthritis. As such, patients have reported feeling euphoric, happy and uplifted. Hence yhis cannabis strain is not for the beginners to start with.

How to Buy Dutch Treat Seeds

The best way to buy marijuana seeds online is with the Seed Pharm. We are a worldwide supplier of the best quality cannabis seeds around. Thus the more seeds you buy, the more money you will save. Dutch Treat Marijuana could be a strong and a vigorous strain that can be grown outdoors but it is highly best to have it grown indoors. Lastly, it normally produces fast in flowering and has absolutely no stretch. Similarly, you can grow your own marijuana at home.

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  1. Bruce

    Love em seed. Imma order for More shit very soon. Thanks

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