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Conocybe Cyanopus Shrooms

Conocybe Cyanopus Shrooms

  • 1 – 28 Grams Of Dried Conocybe Cyanopus
  • Buy Dried Conocybe Cyanopus Magic Shrooms Now
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Pholiotina Cyanopus

is a species of fungus that contains the psychoactive compound psilocybin.

Conocybe Cyanopus originally described as Galerula cyanopus by American mycologist George Francis Atkinson in 1918.

It was transferred to Conocybe by Robert Kühner in 1935 before being transferred to Pholiotina by Rolf Singer in 1950.

Conocybe cyanopus is a member of the genus Conocybe which contains the medicinal compound psilocybin.

It is formerly known as Pholiotina cyanopoda, Conocybe cyanopoda, and Galerula cyanopus.

Description Conocybe cyanopus is a small saprotrophic mushroom with a conic to broadly convex cap which is smooth and colored ocher to cinnamon brown. It is usually less than 25 mm across and the margin is striate, often with fibrous remnants of the partial veil.

The gills are adnate and close, colored cinnamon brown with whitish edges near the margin, darkening in age. The spores are cinnamon brown, smooth and ellipsoid with a germ pore, measuring 8 x 5 micrometers.







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    They were excellect, one of the better strains thats for sure. I cannot wait to get more if they’re in stock next week and for my birthday next month.

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    thanks for my package, couldnt wait any longer 😊

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