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This seed is a Feminized Hybrid Strain.

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California Dream marijuana seeds is a premium type of marijuana strain has a high citrusy flavor to it with a touch of sweet and minty flavor. Because of it, CD provides an interesting and a refreshing smoker’s high. Hence, CD is mostly known to be an indica plant. The THC levels are about 20-24%. This strain originated its roots from California where it now got its name. The yield of Cali Dream Feminized or its harvest output may produce a very significant amount around 500 grams per meters squared in about 56-60 days. Medically, Cali Dream will make patients feel euphoric, happy and relaxed. It is best used to help patients relieve stress and pain. Thus Cali Dream is a great strain to help treat Anxiety, Migraines and ADD/ADHD. Although it can be grown outdoors, it is highly suggested that they should be planted in the indoor environment.

Should one intend to have CD Seeds planted in the outdoor environment, make sure that the climate is tropical. These strains of cannabis seeds have a higher tendency to produce male flowers that are pure once the plant that has been deposited is actually all 100% female. Greenfarm420 gives free shipping on all orders over $100 anywhere in the world.

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