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Burma Cubensis Dried Shrooms

Burma Cubensis Dried Shrooms

  • 1 – 28 Grams Of Dried Burma Cubensis
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Burma Cubensis is a very strong and eager cubensis strain that loves to grow. It’s aggressive and grows rather rapidly for its size. Fruits are very big, they grow healthy with little to no problems developing into fat and tall as well as medium density mushrooms.

The caps are wide and develop spores easily as its very eager to reproduce.

The cap colour has many different tints to it as it develops. This strain is very similar to the Cambodia strain, as it comes from approximately the same geographical and mostly jungle conditions.

The famous Burma magic mushrooms have earned their popularity by being one of the strongest mushrooms out there.

Ideal for experienced psychonauts who are looking for strains that will take them to a next level.



A major benefit for cultivators is the fast growing qualities, especially if you grow them from spores.

Let’s take the time to introduce you to our Eastern friend.

The Burma strain comes from Southeast Asia, between Thailand and Bangladesh.

Psilocybe cubensis is a species of psychedelic mushroom whose principal active compounds are psilocybin and psilocin.

Therefore, it belongs to the Hymenogastraceae family of fungi. It is the most well-known psilocybin mushroom due to its wide distribution and ease of cultivation.

While some mushroom strains can’t thrive in homegrown settings without painstaking measures to accurately recreate their natural conditions. on the other hand, Burma cubensis can grow well even in suboptimal conditions that are so common with amateur growing setups.

The effects of most psilocybe magic mushroom can variate from person to person, but reports suggest that they can induce you into a euphoric state of mind that is dreamy and quite relaxing.  There are also reports of visual experiences.

The initial effect can be very intense,

When looking at various sites, you will find that people report strong highs at first, particularly from the BURMA and TREASURE COAST and then the experience becoming more chill as you enter into the high. 

Keep in mind that the kind of trip will depend on many elements:

personality, where you are, whom you are with, what you ate and if you are mixing up with other substances or alcohol (it is best not to do this).

 It can be an amazing experience, some say a life-changing experience if you follow basic rules we outlay further down.

They are also robust against changing conditions, while more sensitive strains might be damaged by a slight fluctuation in the environment.

Burma Cubensis trips can often be revelatory, or at least insightful. As suggested by their name, these mushrooms impart powerful lessons that remain even after the experience.

like most other psilocybin mushrooms, the dosage would start at around two grams dried.






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