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Brazilian Cubensis

Brazilian Cubensis

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South America and Mexico have long been the heartland for many prominent species of psilocybin mushrooms.

Mexico is known for the Mazatapec and Mexicana mushrooms

BUT if you’re ever travelling in Brazil you will likely come across a couple potent strains of magic mushrooms, known as Corumba Cubensis or Brazilian Cubensis magic mushrooms.

Brazilian Cubensis are RARE!!


These related fungi have been cultivated and consumed for the psychedelic properties, and were a major part of Mesoamerican life.
In ancient times, indigenous peoples ate brazilian psychedelic mushrooms in order to commune with the spirits and heighten their perspectives of the known world.
Remarkably, these brazil mushrooms still grow throughout the Northern and Northwestern regions of Brazil and are a renowned trip-inducing magic mushroom that many Brazilians and travellers seek out.
Because they have been a part of everyday life for so long, many Brazilians do not think much of the common corumba cubensis.
However, since it became known to the rest of the world, many North Americans, Europeans and people from Asia have visited the mountains and valleys of Brazil looking to harvest the psychedelic potency of this unique species of fungi.
Brazilian Cubensis psychedelic mushrooms continue to grow in popularity, and they’re becoming a favorite among myco-growers not just in Brazil but all over the world.
The stems tend to mostly be thicker at the bottom assuring a nice foundation for some of

This strain’s prints are nice and dark to continue your research with.

The Brazilian strain of Cubensis is one of the fastest colonizing strains out there.

It Has medium to large size fruits and is self isolating making it an excellent choice for a beginner wanting to try for their first few times!

Even advance shroom eaters love coming back to this amazing Brazilian Cubensis



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