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Amazonian Dried Shrooms


Amazonian Dried Shrooms

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  • In the wild Amazons’ produces very dense fruits with nippled caps. Deep bluing upon cutting and above average rhizomorphic mycelium Color Copper in center to a light golden brown. At first dark gray becoming deep violet gray to dark purplish brown and sometimes mottled with whitish edges.
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Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

Amazonian is the potent super strain! A very beautiful strain, strong, and high yielding, in the wild. This strain can also produce some MASSIVE mushrooms

This Amazonian strain produces very thick and fleshy mushrooms. Although it is not the easiest strain to grow it may, if properly managed, produce some very nice flushes. The number of mushrooms may not be very big, the size more than compensates for this. Fruitbodies are very solid and have a massive stem.

Cold-shocking is definitely required for this one or else the mycelium will completely cover the casing and this makes watering impossible. This condition also causes mushrooms to only form on the sides of the trays (which will lower your yields)

The mycelium of this strain is extremely rhizomorphic.
(an aggregation of fungal threads intertwining like the strands of a rope that frequently resembles a root and is characteristic of many basidiomycetes (as Armillaria mellea)

This strain can also produce some MASSIVE mushrooms, and typically a very fast colonizer. From start to finish this one makes it happen with a quickness. From what has been observed in its natural habitat, Amazonian cubensis also typically has an even pin-set, with a low abort rate. Overall this is a must-have for any collection.

In the wild Amazon produces very dense fruits with nippled caps. Deep bluing upon cutting. Above average rizomorphic mycelium.


The high is powerful. Don’t expect seriously massive trips on small doses but it is more powerful than Thai and B+. More powerful, doesn’t mean a better trip of course. It is just more powerful (had my best trip on Thai). It does have the ability to produce some paranoia because of the intensity of the trip but if you can handle it I am sure you will enjoy it.

There were stages during some of my Amazonian PES trips where a sort of very primal animal-within type experience occurs. Don’t be surprised if you feel like locking your doors, closing windows, taking phone off the hook, stripping off and going about the house like a member of the Felidae cat family.

This is very close to a tribal experience of the shamanic type where you act out what you think you are. That doesn’t mean you are not control… you just get these urges… and they are good.

Color Copper in center to a light golden brown. At first dark gray becoming deep violet gray to dark purplish brown. Sometimes mottled with whitish edges.

This Strain Of Cubensis are one of the most popular and widely available strains on the market. They originated in the Amazon jungle of South America, and have been grown domestically for decades. The large stems and caps, as well as the ease of growing makes this strain a popular choice for today’s grower once mastered.

Overall this is a must-have and try for any collection

As usual greenfarm420 would like to remind you that like all medicine the earth has given us it is important to show respect and refrain from abusing the amazing power that this magic mushrooms possesses.

In this section you will find that in order to have the best experience, you have to plan ahead, ideally a couple of days before so you can mentally and physically prepare yourself for the mind broadening experience. There are certain precautions that you should take especially when you have never had an experience with the psychedelic mushrooms.

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