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Afgoo Strain


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Afgoo Strain is a potent and very high yeilding indica-dominant hybrid. This beautifully soothing plant is all about plunging you into a dreamy state of mind, and allowing you to leave all your worries behind you. This 80% indica is a very popular strain all around and is widely kept in high demand.

Afgoo Strain, otherwise known as Afgooey, is a strong indica-dominant strain that is the result of the crossing of two top-notch parent strains, namely Afghani indica and Maui Haze. This strain’s hint of sativa provides for a great balance as it provides a touch of an uplifting and stimulating high.

Regardless, this strain is almost all indica in its effects, inducing a soothing state of relaxation, which makes it perfect for a wind-down smoke at the end of a long and productive day. Afgoo is great at creating a strong sleepy high that will make you stick to your couch like glue, quietly observing your surroundings.

Information about Afgoo Strain:

ORIGIN Afghani mixed with Maui Haze
EFFECTS relaxed – 10
sleepy – 8
happy – 7
uplifted – 6
euphoric – 5
dry eyes – 4
paranoid – 2
dizzy – 2
anxious – 2
FRAGRANCE earthy, pine, pungent, spicy, sweet
FLAVORS earthy, woody, pine, herbal, skunky, spicy
MEDICAL stress – 10
insomnia – 9
pain – 8
depression – 7
headaches – 4
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS late September to early October
THC CONTENT % 18%-28%
CBD % 0.40%
INDICA / SATIVA % 80% / 20%
OUTDOOR YIELD 35oz/ plant
CLIMATE warm and sunny mediterranean outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE good resistance to common diseases

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest

Flowering Time

This strain can be expected to yield very generously, ranging in the 32 ounces per square meter planted indoors. Afgoo can take an average of about 8 to 9 weeks to flower and be ready for a fruitful harvest

Afgoo Strain grown outdoors can be expected to yeild around 35 ounces per plant, provided it gets the warm and sunny mediterranean climate it desires. This indica dominant strain is usually ready for a harvest around late September to early October.

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16 reviews for Afgoo Strain

  1. Robert

    I taught I was buying some gas, man you gat some real bud

  2. Kakano

    Another really nice smoke. Great for kicking out of gear after long day at work. If your looking for that smoke to chill you out right away… look now further. Great taste less filling!

  3. Jeff

    Really relaxing, intense high I woke up one morning after smoking the night before and had no clue where my phone was and found it in my laundry hamper, so either it gets you really high or mines laced cuz the high is intense

  4. Jordan Smith

    pretty lit got baked af man felt like snoop dogg omg got so hungry seen a homeless dude dancing hit the giggle 10/10 recommend this jazz lettuce

  5. Ranchhand

    I am age 69 with worsening chronic low back pain. AK is the only strain that completely calms my spine. Problem is it cannot be purchased where I live

  6. Anonym

    Very good strain. You should listen Music when you high. But slow Music. Mabye sone Jazz ^^ Nice Trip

  7. Lissa D

    Lissa D Cramer
    This strian hits smoothly and the after test is amazingly sweet, I suffer from PTSD and severe depression disorder on top of anxiety. I also have lower back pain from getting an epidural… I smoke this to ease the pain and help calm my nerves and so far its helped a lot..

  8. Peggy

    This stuff works great if you want to sleep. I have a very hard time staying awake when I smoke this it tends to make me very mellow and relaxed. Great for if you want to sleep bad for if you want to hangout with friends.

  9. Husler

    Packs a punch, not the bud you’re looking for if you want to get off the couch.

  10. Kimber

    I’ve been digging Afgooey lately. It gives a great body high, but doesn’t give you couch-lock like most Indicas

  11. Samira

    Smoking some Afgooey Shatter now. Bought a gram Tuesday at greenfarm420. Wish I could get some of this flower every day. Nice relaxing high. Excellent with my pain anxiety insomnia etc. Love it just wish I had order more

  12. Juan

    Thanks for my package

  13. Jazmin


  14. Sarah

    I wasn’t aware it was 100% Indica until after smoking it, feeling extremely couch-locked and wondering what the breakdown was. I actually stopped smoking a blunt mid-way which doesn’t happen a lot. Very good for eating, going to sleep, and relaxing.

  15. harold

    Good ‘ol Afghani Goo. An early favorite of mine. Very active minded and happy. Used with a vaporizer, the buzz lasts quite long and can get your body active. A cerebral uplift generating from the eyes and front of head, followed by a kicker of a moderate body high. A good overall strain, and I feel can be compared with White Widow.

  16. Carter

    This weed will make you the calmest, most patient motherfucker in the universe. If I can withstand being yelled at by my dad for an hour while stoned from this shit, then you better KNOW you’ll be like the Buddha and Jesus combined. Afgoo tears your anxiety and depression down like the fucking Berlin wall.

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