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For overnight orders placed anytime before 6:30 PM on weekdays arrive the following business day. Certain rural regions have a cut-off time of 4:30 PM, including areas north of Santa Rosa or Sacramento. Your medical marijuana delivery will usually arrive between 6 AM and 5 PM. Packages arriving very early in the morning will generally be placed at your door without a knock. Any orders placed after 6:30 PM will be shipped as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee your order will arrive the following day. Saturday delivery is available for orders placed on Friday, and orders placed over the weekend going to certain parts of Southern California may be delivered on Monday. 

Because we want to insure the highest quality medical cannabis products, we cannot accept returns and all donations are final. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the service or medical cannabis products you received, please contact us so that we can help address any problems!

We cannot give you medical advice, and we do not have any certified medical professionals on staff. We can give you non-professional opinions and anecdotes on what types of medical marijuana MAY help with whatever you are seeking to treat. It is important to seek professional advice from a physician on how to treat your medical condition with cannabis.

Yes! There are thousand of online dispensaries located in USA that are NOT operating under the federally-approved medical marijuana system. Fed have allowed dispensaries to proliferate so people can safely access medicine, so long as there are no sales to minors or any gang affiliations.

Contact our  customer servi e via the possible platforms (whatsapp, email, livechat). This should be done before 5 days from the date of your order else you may risk your order being cancelled.

The use and possession of medical cannabis is legal in California as long as the individual has a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician and is a California resident. Cannabis is a controlled substance according to the federal government, but the current US Justice Department has stated it will respect state law regarding legal medical marijuana patients and legal medical marijuana delivery.


Quality weed always available at a very considerate and highly affordable price to suit all our customer’s demands.


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